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A Bit About Us

Proven Surveying is an experienced surveying firm that has been doing business in the North Texas area for over 20 years. Our Surveyors have over 30 years combined experience and through honest, dependable service Proven Surveying has become a successful, trusted part of the community.


Professional Services

Meeting Your Needs, Solving Your Problems

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Boundary Surveying
Title Surveys

Whether an in-town lot, a 10,000 acre ranch and everything in-between (and beyond), Proven Surveying is well equipped to handle any survey. We operate in over 12 counties and are licensed throughout the State of Texas. We can handle almost anything.


Gradient Boundary Surveys

The Gradient Boundary is a specific, Supreme Court mandated method for determining boundaries on many Rivers in the State of Texas. Proven Surveying has experience in performing these surveys on a multitude of rivers (including the Red River) in North Texas


We are very familiar with the specific, detailed requirements that must be addressed when performing ALTA surveys. We have worked with lenders and title companies all over the state and nation on numerous ALTA projects.


Engineering Support & Topographic Surveys

Since its founding, Proven Surveying has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.


FEMA Elevation Certificates/LOMA

We can complete elevation certificates as required by FEMA and can also submit LOMA/C.


Other Services

If it is not listed on this site, please call!!!  Land Surveying is a very broad profession and we can't cover it all on this website. If you need it, chances are we have done something similar before. Call or e-mail and let's get started!

Platting - Re-Plats

We provide platting services in many different municipalities and counties all over our service area. We regularly submit plats in Wichita Falls, Wichita and Archer Counties, Vernon, Clay County and many others.


Oil/Gas Well Plats

We are located in one of the oldest Oil patches in the State of Texas. The list of operators we have worked with grows all the time. Contact us to set your next well.

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